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Ignition Technology

Channel Products has been helping manufacturers outpace competition with advanced ignition technology for more than 40 years.??We’re the clear choice for manufacturers seeking direct spark, intermittent pilot, and hot surface ignition controls.??

Custom Engineering

We develop custom solutions in our engineering laboratory and regularly retrofit customers' appliances with our products.??Clients across an array of manufacturing industries rely on Channel Products for world-class engineering and related support.

Industry Expertise

Our staff of engineers, manufacturing experts, and quality assurance professionals are experienced in our industry and yours.??We speak, write, publish, earn patents, and apply our knowledge and expertise across the industries we serve.

Why Choose Us


Over more than four decades, we've earned a reputation for professionalism and reliability by committing to customers and keeping our promises.


We combine deep experience with a culture of learning to offer our customers access to the industry’s most knowledgeable human resources.


By delivering on-time, on budget, and as promised, we’ve expanded our reach to become a global leader in component engineering, manufacturing, and support.


We couple modern technology with an agile approach to business.??This results in long-term relationships and future-proof solutions.

Customer Service

Our customer service organization is indistinguishable from the rest of our organization.?Our people are empowered to keep projects moving swiftly and accurately.?

Competitive Advantage

We help customers achieve and maintain competitive advantage through imaginative problem solving and superior engineering.


New Patent Applications


Percent Growth, 2016



Patents Since 1972



Random Acts of Kindness

Take a Closer Look at Channel Products

Our Philosophy

In a landscape where many businesses have access to similar technology, equipment and processes, it's people who make a difference. Our culture emphasizes the notion of "One Team" -- a lean, flat organization marked by intellectual integrity, accountability, and a willingness to share and express ideas.

Our Values

Our core values include integrity, an intense customer focus, a bias toward action, teamwork, meritocracy, and fun.??These values contribute to the success of our customers by ensuring consistency in our decision making processes and business approach.

Our Leadership Team

Teresa Lindsey

President & COO

James Becker

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Suzanne French

Chief Manufacturing & Sourcing Officer

Steve Marrero

Chief Commercial Officer

Roxana Stoicea

Chief Financial Officer

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Channel has been a longstanding supplier for our company, providing quality ignition controls and electrodes, and helping us mitigate potential manufacturing delays. Jim, Purchasing Manager
  • Channel’s high quality controls ignition system components have performed exceedingly well in my appliances. Our longstanding partnership is a testament to Channel’s expertise and innovation. Kevin, Owner

Our Latest Obsession



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